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New Buses - 2018


Since early August, 2018, MATBUS-Fargo has received 7 brand new buses! MATBUS-Moorhead will also be receiving 2 brand new buses in October. You will see them hitting the streets very soon, as we retire our old buses in accordance with our Transit Development Plan (TDP). Our TDP is a 5-year plan that helps us determine how best to utilize the funding we receive, and what improvements we should be making to our system.

MATBUS periodically purchases new buses as our oldest buses reach the end of their federally-determined useful life. The purchasing of new buses allows us to replace our aging buses, which cost more to keep running on a yearly basis. These new buses help us to ensure to our riders that our buses are reliable, as they will have fewer miles, fewer breakdowns, and new features. For example, our new buses for the year of 2018 will all include the Quantum Wheelchair Securement System, providing riders with disabilities greater independence while traveling in the community. The new buses will also include TV screens, upon which MATBUS staff will be able to provide necessary information to passengers.

Keep an eye out for these buses over the next couple of weeks, and let us know what you think! We hope you are as excited as we are with the improvements we are making to the MATBUS system.