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Designated Bus Stop Policy Approved


The City of Fargo Commission and the City of Moorhead Council have approved the implementation of the MATBUS Designated Bus Stops policy. This policy will make it so that passengers can only be picked up and dropped off at locations with MATBUS bus stop signs or shelters. This policy will go into effect on October 1, 2018. This new policy will help to improve the reliability and on-time performance of our system, make bus stops more visible for passengers, reduce incidents of missed passengers, and alleviate confusion regarding bus stops. Overall, the designated bus stops policy will improve the MATBUS system for our passengers.

If passengers want to request a bus stop, they will be required to fill out a form that is available at, or they can pick up a form from GTC dispatch.

In the event of a detour, passengers will be permitted to flag down buses along the detoured segment of the route.