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LinkFM is a fast, fun and free circulator route connecting the downtowns of Fargo and Moorhead.

LinkFM operates from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday, and from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday. The route features a continuous loop starting and ending at the Moorhead Center Mall. LinkFM arrives every 15-20 minutes at each stop along its route and is within walking distance of numerous popular destinations!

Unlike other MATBUS routes, LinkFM will only stop at its designated bus stop sites as needed to pick up or drop off passengers. If no one is at a particular stop, it’ll keep moving to the next one. Just look for the LinkFM bus stop signs. LinkFM is a fare-free route. Free transfers are not given from LinkFM onto other MATBUS fixed routes.

This circulator concept has been featured for several years in the Cities' transit and parking plans as a strategy to make better use of thousands of existing public and private parking spaces in revitalizing downtowns, reducing congestion and continuing to increase ridership on MATBUS. Our downtowns and city cores are regenerating and our community’s transportation culture is evolving; more people are walking, biking and using MATBUS.

We'll also be partnering with local businesses and organizations to offer discounts to help encourage you to go shopping with the Link!