Digital Bus

Wheelchair Exiting

Disability & Accessibility

Utilizing Mobility Devices on MATBUS

If you are using a wheelchair or scooter when boarding MATBUS, our driver will prepare the area inside the bus where your mobility device will be secured. The driver will then lower the ramp. Please wait for the driver to step outside the bus to help you board the ramp safely.

The passenger is responsible for maneuvering their mobility device into position. The driver is required to secure the passenger’s wheelchair or scooter to the vehicle, using securement straps. MATBUS has lap and shoulder belts available inside the vehicle, if you choose to utilize them. Wheelchairs must meet guidelines identified with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Boarding MATBUS

Passengers using a mobility device will be allowed to enter or exit the vehicle first. Passengers are required to ask for accommodations, such as extending the ramp or kneeling the bus.

Manual wheelchair

Passengers using a manual wheelchair should board and de-board the vehicle backwards with our driver’s assistance. To avoid tipping, MATBUS recommends using a tip-bar and the chair’s seat belt on any mobility device.

Electric Mobility Device

Anyone using an electric mobility device may use the ramp going forward. Please reduce your speed to avoid hitting equipment inside the bus and to better control your turn into the bus.

Onboard MATBUS

To help our passengers determine when their intended bus stop is approaching, key destinations along the routes are announced through our public address system and on a digital display in the buses. For people with sight impairments or other disabilities, specific intersections can be announced by the driver upon request.

Exiting MATBUS Vehicles

Passengers in wheelchairs should press the bell line located on the bottom of the seat flipped up next to them.

Riding Paratransit

Driver Assistance

If requested, the driver will provide assistance to riders between the vehicle and the entrance of a building.

Bags and Packages

If requested, the driver will assist with either two grocer size bags or one small collapsible cart. The driver will not bring packages pas the first door of the building. Space for packages is limited. The packages must be carried in one trip and the packages must be secured while on the vehicle. Guests and personal care attendants are expected to assist the passenger.

Wheelchair Lift

Passengers who use the wheelchair lift will be assisted on and off the lift by the driver. It is safest for the passenger to back their mobility device onto the lift in the Paratransit vehicle. Wheelchairs and scooters must be secured during transport.

Seat belts and shoulder straps

Passengers are required to wear a seat belt and shoulder strap when available.

Mobility Aids

Riders with mobility aids are responsible for keeping their equipment in safe, working order. This includes keeping batteries charged on electric wheelchairs and scooters and keeping manual wheelchair brakes in good working order.